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Podcast Lectures – hype, bane, or progress?

I never intended such a long delay in posting. My first semester using extensive elearning material is long completed, and it is time to reflect on the experience. The subject was Discrete Mathematics for second year Computer Engineering students. I … Continue reading

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HOWTO: Wacom Cintiq on Linux

A stylus on screen is a wonderful design. It has all sorts of uses. My first experience with it was for teaching videos. With the stylus, I could clutter on the slides as I was speaking, in much the same … Continue reading

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Teaching videos for maths

The biggest obstacle for adoption of e-learning is to find and learn a set of tools, software and hardware, which does the job. This post is a simple account of a satisfactory approach I took on a mac. Camtasia One … Continue reading

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Intitial musings on e-learning

During my first decade as a higher education I have heard politicians and administrators hammering on about e-learning and digital teaching aids. It has been put as an obvious necessity, with very little discussion of the why, and even less … Continue reading

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Starting a blog

I have been contemplating starting this blog for some time. Mainly, it has been a debate over what tool to use. It seemed essential to use some decent content management system, to get features like keyword tagging and comment fields … Continue reading

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