Welcome to the Process Innovation Lab (PIL)

PIL is an interdisciplinary research group @ Aalesund University College. The research areas are Holistic Enterprise Transformation OrchestrationInformation and Communication Technology, Risk Management Applied ModellingLean and other tools, techniques, principles and practices to support process change.  We have collaborators from academia, industry, and hospitals.

Change initiatives that increase successes and reduce failures is a major concern for a variety of businesses and organisations. Simply formulating strategy is no longer enough; we must also design the processes to implement the initiatives effectively. For many it is a quest of improving the flow of goods, improving customer satisfaction or improving work practice by the use of IT. For some it can make a difference of life-or-death. The software companies themselves, those delivering the IT systems enabling change, are no exceptions. They also look for ways to improve their processes to build IT solutions aligned to the needs of others. Examples are the various lean software development approaches we see these days.

Realising the complexity of social organisations, our research group has a broad view on enablers of change. We define continous improvement as a culture of sustained improvement to eliminate waste in all systems and processes of an organization. To address complex phenomenons and contributing well-functioning solutions to advanced improvement initiatives, our group welcomes and highlights the need for  interdisciplinarity and cooperation.

Please contact Professor Jon Ivar Håvold, Head of PIL, for participation and contributions.