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How to use the Printer at our “follow-me”-solution:

Before you start you need:

  • Student-card
  • Student-number and password

To pay for printouts and activate your card at the printer (first time):

  1. Go to www.hials.no and choose «Påfylling utskrifter» in the menu. Username: your student-number
  2. Then press “setup/oppsett”
  3. Choose “Codes” (right top-corner)
  4. Press “generate new PUK” and write down the PUK
  5. If you wish to charge money to your account, choose ePay.
  6. Drag your student-card at the printer
  7. Enter the PUK-code you got at step 4
  8. Then enter a PIN-code (and confirm the same code a 2nd time): 1234
  9. Drag your student card to check it’s OK.
  10. Drag it once more to log out.

For more information:

  • Ask Orakel

 PS! You will not need the PUK nor the PIN in the future.