Hans Petter Hildre Hans Petter Hildre


Product Design, Design methods and teory. Design as learning and training. Mechatronics.

Per Ekelund
Per Ekelund
Assoc. Professor (emeritus)

Learning and knowledge development in the professions. Design and application of virtual environments for learning and knowledge development. Real time interactive simulation systems and technologies.

Vilmar Æsøy Vilmar Æsøy


Produktutvikling. Maskinkonstruksjon. Maskinerisystemer. Modellering/analyse. Modellbygging, Mekatronikk og Oljehydraulikk

Karl Henning Halse Karl Henning Halse


Marin hydrodynamikk, Dynamisk analyse av skip og andre marine konstruksjoner.

Norvald Kjerstad Norvald Kjerstad


Navigasjons- og posisjoneringssystemer. Simulatorteknologi. Undervannsakustikk. Offshore operasjoner. Arktisk Navigasjon.

Øivind Strand Øivind Strand


Innovation. Product development. CFD analysis.

Magne Aarset Magne Aarset

Assoc. professor

Risk Management, Judgment and Decision Making (JDM), Statistical Decision Theory, Structural Equations Models (SEM).

Robin T. ByeRobin T. Bye

Assoc. professor

Modelling and simulation of human movement control systems. Differential geometric control theory. Dynamic resource allocation.

Siebe van Albada Siebe van Albada

Assoc. professor

Statistical Physics, Stochastic Processes and Rare Events: Mathematical Modeling, Algorithm Development and Computer Simulation.

Kjell Olav Holden Kjell Olav Holden


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Komandur Sashidharan Komandur Sashidharan


Human Factors

Nistad Steinar Nistad Steinar


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Helge Tor Kristiansen Helge Tor Kristiansen

PhD student

HCI. Human factors-

Ottar L. Osen Ottar L. Osen

PhD student

Instrumentation. Cybernetics. Artificial Intelligence. Control Systems (SCADA).

Håkon Bjørlykke Håkon Bjørlykke

PhD student

Optimisation. Cybernetics.

Brate Tom Ivar Brate Tom Ivar

PhD student

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