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Ulstein Ship Design Professorship – 1st Year Report

2013/2014 Report presentation

Research Interests

  • Ship and Offshore Design
  • Design Methods
  • Systems Engineering
  • Complexity Theory

Currently engaged at the Ship Design and Operations laboratory at the Faculty of Maritime Technology and Operations.

Visiting and exchange students are welcome to inquire about research opportunities. International students looking for master degree opportunities at Ship Design or Product Design should be aware of the deadline and requirements at the official HIALS page. Be aware that EU and non-EU residents have different deadlines.

FAQ, with more information, is found here.

The university has an special program for Brazilians, via the program Science Without Borders (Ciência Sem Fronteiras) here. Specific cases with Brazilian students, such as research internship and visiting students, contact me via e-mail after reading this page (in portuguese).


List of main publications can be found at Google Scholar and at the Publications section of the ShipLab. More information about any of the papers can be obtained via e-mail.


2014 (Spring):
Ship Design II (with Arne Jan Soled and Øyvind Kamsvåg )

2013/2104 (Fall):
Ship Design I (with Arne Jan Soled)
Strength of Materials (with Arne Jan Sollied and Paul Kleppe)
MATLAB Introduction (with Karl H. Halse)
Best Practice – Systems Engineering (from 2014) – Lecture notes

Bachelor and Master thesis supervision.

Courses and Seminars

NCE TEKNO FOKUS – Ship Systems for Arctic Conditions – Feb. 2014.


Associate Professor at the Aalesund University College.

The professorship is connected to the Ship Design Chair at the Maritime Knowledge Hub, sponsored by Ulstein Group.

Education consists of a PhD degree in Marine Engineering at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Marine Systems group (2013). Part of the PhD developed at the Systems Engineering Advancement Research Initiative (SEAri) at MIT, with complex system engineering methods applied to the maritime case (2010-2011).

Previous experience as Senior Consultant at Det Norske Veritas (Norway).

Previous experience in Oil & Gas in Brazil, at the TPN Numerical Offshore Model Basin in Brazil (partnership with Petrobras, University of São Paulo and other research institutes in Brazil). Master in engineering (2yrs) and Diploma Engineering (5yrs) in Naval Architecture and Maritime Engineering at University of São Paulo, Brazil.

Public profile at Linkedin.