• Master students will give their master thesis presentations this Thursday (02.06.2016) in Sukkertoppen Auditorium at NTNU Ålesund.
    • Bikram Kawan, Neural Network Time Series Prediction of Ship Motion
    • Xu Zhuge, A Visual Analytics Framework for Marine Operations
  • Together with GCE Blue Maritime, we are offering a Big Data course for maritime industries.
  • Hao Wang, Big Data, A Brief Introduction, AaUC, Aalesund, Norway, 20.05.2015
    • Abstract: We witnessed a lot of activities on Big Data in EU recently, for example, this very recent Smart Data conference in Berlin highlighted strong pushes by governments and industries on the “data-driven economy”. In this introductory talk, I will cover some basic concepts, issues, and challenges of big data analytics (BDA) and internet of things (IoT); followed by a brief description of recent activities in the Big Data Lab. Hopefully this talk could motivate collaborations within HiÅ on potential applications of BDA and IoT for different sectors in Norway, especially in the Møre cluster.
  • Hao Wang, Summary of Big Data concepts, Big Data Course, NCE Smart Energy Markets, Halden, Norway, 23.04.2015
  • Kjell Inge Tomren, Big Data i Maritim Klynge (Big Data in Maritime cluster), Big Data Course, NCE Smart Energy Markets, Halden, Norway, 20.04.2015