Eurostar Project – Development and testing of a process surveillance and control system


Aalesund University College is involved in a Eurostar project focusing on the construction sector. The project aims at ensuring best practice, sustainability and increased profit in SME construction companies by combining business modeling and business management methods. Eurostars is a joint programme between more than 30 EUREKA member countries and the European Union.

Ass. professor Anniken Karlsen is member of the researchers’ team. Ass. professor Liv Møller-Christensen, Ass. professor Jens Ole Løken and Ass. professor Terje Tvedt  are expert panel members. Dean Geirmund Oltedal is member of the Steering Committee. In addition, several students are involved in the project.

Marius Lande, Vetle Hauge, Oliver Tellnes

The students: Marius Lande, Vetle Hauge and Oliver Tellnes.

External collaborators:
Admit AS
Visuera AB
Høgskolan in Skövde

More can be read about the Project here (in Norwegian):

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Research to improve the construction sector