This site is dedicated to my education, teaching and research activities. I have a PhD in Information Science. A main interest is technology management and enterprise development by integrating informatics, economics, lean principles and practices, marketing, organization and project management to a well-functioning whole for increased productivity and profitability.  My speciality is Enterprise Modeling (EM) practice within IT-enabled process change. In general, a model is a representation of reality made to cope with complexity. EM is an established approach for the conceptual representation, design, implementation and analysis of information systems, regarded by many as a substantial opportunity to improve global industrial competitiveness (Rolstadås et al, 2012). Example EM sub-models are business rules models, goal models, concept models and technical component models.

A special interest is SMEs and their engagement in research activities, motivated by their great importance to the European Economy. In  this respect, I have participated in the SmallBuild+ EUREKA Eurostar research project, addressing survival and growth in SMEs within the construction sector.  In this project we have developed, among others, A Generic Goal Model to Support Continuous Improvement in SME Construction Companies. By contributing improvement tools and techniques, it is our hope that companies will become financially sustainable over time and able to grow. As such, The Generic Goal Model aims at supporting SME construction companies to systematically work with continuous improvement towards the overarching goal of becoming thriving businesses. As part of my professor scholarship position the extensive collaboration with CEO Terje Græsdal in Admit and the other actors of the SmallBuild+ EUREKA Eurostar consortium is continued.

In line with my formal competence and research activities I teach Systems Analysis and Design (SAD), i.e.the process of developing information systems that effectively use hardware, software, data, processes, and people to support the company’s businesses objectives.  In this respect I will emphasize my interests in visual arts and digital art application development to increase motivation in systems development courses for students within computer engineering. Please do not hesitate to contact me (+ 47 70 16 13 35 or ak AT hials DOT no) if you want to explore collaboration possibilities.

Best regards Dr. Anniken Karlsen

Associate Professor at the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
Professor scholarship holder, 2015-2017
Vice-head of PIL@AaUC